Spect App Features

Now you can start tracking your soft skills and leadership potential to help you develop your best self!

SPECT App Dashboard


A user-friendly snapshot of the information you have logged into SPECT which will help evaluate and measure your success.

Student Activity Log

Time Bank

Document the things you enjoy doing and the soft-skills you use outside of the classroom by keeping a digital log of your personal activities.

Student Events and Opportunities

Special Opportunities

(Premium App Version) Private events and networking opportunities for students based on their personal skills and expertise level.

Tracking Student Growth

Growth Plans

SPECT shares recommendations from experts in various industries to help grow your leadership and interpersonal skills.

Community Service Work

Community Service

Record your community service hours into SPECT that you can then have organizers and supervisors verify your participation and time.

SPECT App For Students

Scholarship Finder

(Premium App Version) Find possible scholarship opportunities that fit your background and quickly apply to receive academic funding.

What Is SPECT?

Students Can Showcase Soft Skills To College and Employment Recruiters

We have done the work to highlight the most sought-after skills by colleges, schools, employers, and organizations and put them in one place. The good news is that you are probably already doing all the right things and participating in opportunities to grow these skills. Now you have a place to track and showcase these interpersonal and soft skills.

Today’s students are struggling to find the right jobs after graduation. You may be wondering why soft skills matter. Maybe you have heard of the term before but were unsure of why everyone seems to be talking about them today. Soft Skills are also known as interpersonal skills. These are skills which have to be practiced and learned over time. They are also very difficult to quantify, and yet every organization says they need people with great or exceptional soft skills: communication, teamwork, leadership, work ethic, attention to detail, positive attitude, etc. We understand the problem and we have a solution to help you track, develop, and validate your efforts to grow these skills!

Colleges and companies alike are seeking diversity and a way to identify candidates with skills that cannot be conveyed through a resume or a transcript. Schools and organizations need additional tools to evaluate today’s most rare, vital and valuable commodity: talent.

This is why the SPECT app is such a useful tool for students.