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SPECT is a software application that helps you prepare for college applications and future employment. We show you how and where to develop important interpersonal, leadership, and essential life skills. Everything you already do online – on TikTok, Instagram, and other social media – or in person (sports, clubs, travel, volunteering, etc.) can be translated into meaningful activities on your college or job application profile.

Better Organization = Higher Achievement

Why does it matter?

We know you are busy. And staying organized can be a big problem. We may start off the school year with great intentions. However, managing time between classes, coursework, sports, and other extracurricular activities is difficult. That’s why SPECT is here!

SPECT allows you to stay organized, and SPECT translates each activity into a life skill to make it count. SPECT makes it easy for you to keep track of how you spend your time and shows you the essential life skills you gain in everything you do.

With SPECT, discover the real-life value of engaging in personal and professional development. Not only does this look good on college applications or on a resume, but you can also track your interpersonal and leadership skills growth through everything you do throughout high school, college, and beyond!

From playing video games to being the star athlete, you're always learning and developing skills. So, the next time someone says "you are wasting your time" for every minute you're not studying, you can show that you are spending time in a meaningful way. Show them your SPECT profile of your essential life skill growth.

Many of the activities that students regularly participate in never get documented, so they are not counted in comprehensive evaluations. Four years from now, the difference between those who had SPECT and those who did not could be the difference between getting a scholarship and admission to the college / internship of your dream. Don’t miss out altogether because you failed to see value in making everything count!

spect app can help

your teen, your student, your mentee, your employee

Here's what we Offer


Events and networking opportunities for students based on their personal skills and expertise level


Document the things you enjoy doing and the skills you use outside of the classroom by keeping a digital log of your personal activities

Progress Reports

A user-friendly snapshot of the information you have logged into SPECT which will help evaluate and measure your success

Growth Plans

SPECT shares recommendations from experts in various industries to help grow your leadership and interpersonal skills

Community Service

Record your community service hours into SPECT. Organizers and supervisors can verify your participation and time


Important information to include in college and scholarship essays


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